Founded in 1964 by late Jean Sahakian, GRAFIS PRE-PRESS SAL was the sole gravure industry in the region specialized in gravure cylinder manufacturing.

For the next 25 years, Mr. Sahakian lead the company to a high level of excellence and productivity; but unfortunately, the company burned down during the Lebanese war in 1989.

With vigor and novelty, GRAFIS PRE-PRESS SAL was reestablished in 1992, and rapidly became a leader in the pre-press market, introducing innovative technological trends in pre-press services. GRAFIS PRE-PRESS SAL is widely recognized in the region for the professionalism and superiority of its services and the premium quality of its cylinders and its plates. Our expertise and know-how in the gravure and flexo industries covers both the production and the engraving of rotogravure cylinders and flexo plates.

We, at GRAFIS PRE-PRESS SAL, are committed to perfection, quality, and customer satisfaction with openness and transparency, which are our core values. By providing masterful creations and world-class gravure cylinders and flexo plates, we ensure an increase in our customers’ workflow as well as ours.